Absalom, known as the Vampire God, is an immensely powerful and ancient blood god. He is the patron deity of vampires and is an important figure in vampire lore as he is believed to have even created Dracula, the father of all vampires. Absalom can only be summoned through a special ritual that requires the blood of the "Virgin and the Father". The father being the blood of Dracula himself, but it may also apply to one who carries the blood of the vampire king.

Absalom is believed to be the first vampire in all of creation, however, that status is given to Dracula for Absalom is more of a deity. Supposedly he was an ancient Hungarian war lord and came to power in the early seasons of the fifth century and possessed a lust for war and blood shed so great he eventually resorted to killing on his own kind. Even thousands of years later, people still whisper the legends of his decadent, savage feasts and his bathing in warm human blood. Some scholars even claim that his ascension heralded the beginning of the ancient Hungary kingdom's descent into decadence.

At some point in time, it was revealed that Absalom struck a deal with the Devil himself, demanding great demonic power. Satan agreed, but on one condition: and that should his own blood lust consume him, he will be take his soul. Absalom, knowing how manipulative the Devil can be, scoffed at the deal but agreed nonetheless thinking it to be a farce. When his people caught wind of this Absalom was labeled as a demon by his own people and was thus ordered to be executed. This sparked the Hungary Massacre where Absalom slaughtered the soldiers that dared to apprehend him.

However, Absalom was eventually defeated by a sect of priests by incapacitating him with a holy cross. This gave the oppertunity for one of the soldiers to decapitate him and ending his heinous reign once and for all. But the priests knew that Absalom would not be so easily bested and thus ordered his remains to be burned and his items to be buried. Centuries passed, and the items belonging to Absalom were discovered and placed in the British Museum in London. The legends of Absalom were completely erased with many people dismissing him as a myth, but not for the vampires.

It is believed that Absalom was intended to be the dark soldier and original "Son of the Devil" that Satan desired in order to spread destruction and mayhem across the lands. However, he noticed that Absalom was too unstable and thus abandoned him. He later moved his interest towards Vlad Tepes, the man whom would later become known as Dracula. According to some demonic scholars, the King of Hell used the blood of Absalom to create the Vampire King before his excecution at the hands of the Ottomans.