The river Acheron.

Acheron is the fifth river of Hell. It is called the River of Pain as it is the ultimate punishment for many souls of the damned, especially murderers. This is the point where the daemon, a divinity or supernatural being of a nature between gods and humans, Charon, ferries the souls of the dead to Hell.

The Acheron is described as being about twenty feet across, with a roaring current that has thousands of voices crying out, shrieking in agony and pleading for mercy. A dreary fog hangs over the water, and lightning strikes light up the sky above it. On its shores lie those who lived with neither infamy or praise, denied entry into the Inferno or Paradise.

The Acheron also has a malevolent and mesmerizing effect on whomever comes too close to it, blaming them for egregious sins they never committed, and showing them their worst memories, trying to convince them to jump into the river.

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