Agaliarept is the great general of Hell alongside Satanachia. He possesses the power to discover all secrets and is especially profeciant at stirring up enmity and distrust among men. He is one of two demons directly under Lucifer; Satanachia is the other.

Agalierept and Tarihimal are the rulers of Elelogap, who in turn governs matters connected with water.

Agaliarept commands a second legion of Hell's armies with his subordinates being Buer, Gusion, and Botis. He is depicted as being cloaked with his hood shrouding his face in darkness, and possesses multiple arms with mouths on the first four palms, and eyes on the top palms of the second four pairs of arms.

His true appearance is unknown but it is said that his true form is vastly terrifying to the point where it could cause even other demons to freeze in their tracks and be paralyzed with disgust and fear. He is also, among one of the most mysterious demons in Hell, being that he barely to never utters a word. Not even a grunt when he is attacked and riddled with pain. It also makes it difficult for his opponents to discern what he is thinking, which gives him the advantage in battle. 

He is, however, capable of speech through means of possessing others, including his own subordinates; much to their chargin.

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