Alichino, the "Harlequin", is one of the twelve demons of the Malebranche. Known as the Harlequin, the meaning of his name fits his attire due to the fact that he does indeed dress as an actual harlequin, though in a demonic manner. Alichino is tasked with humiliating the damned souls that were corrupt in their lifetime as humans back on Earth.

By performing this, he sets up scenarios where the souls, like politicians for example, are offering speeches to an assembly of people and feeding them their deceit. Afterwards, Alichino begins his torture by forcing the soul to act in ridiculous ways and perform shocking and humiliating acts in front of a massive ensemble of people.

This in turn, plays with the soul's once anxiety, albeit using it as their weapon and allows them to relive this torture continuously, never to grow accustomed to it.

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