"So you're really it. The first of your species."
— Sam Winchester to the Alpha Vampire.

An Alpha is a primordial monster which was originally an ancient human who was reborn through the womb of Echidna; emerging as a beast of their own making, a living image of their monstrous heart and spirit. Alphas are psychically bound to their issue; guiding them to their will.

As the purest of their respective kin, Alphas possess superior strength and resilience than their progeny; able to more easily withstand the respective weaknesses of their breeds, although they are still susceptible and can be pushed past their threshold through extreme exposure.

In addition to being able to commune with their children through their psychic union, an Alpha may also exert its dominion upon them en masse; able to compel them into hibernation by inhabiting their dreams or possessing their bodies for a time to see and hear through their eyes.