Alpha Earth

The Alpha Earth.

The planet that was given the name "Alpha Earth" is said to be the first ever Earth that was created by God. Its existence is so shrouded in myth that even angels are unaware of existence aside from the archangels of course.

The Alpha Earth appears slightly similar to our Earth, but with various dramatic difference. For the most part, the Alpha Earth looks like a prehistoric Earth coupled with a reddish hue like the planet Mars. There also appears to be several storms across the planet, but the type of which is unknown. The planet itself is habitable and has oxygen, and according to Remph, has constructs that are eerily similar to the ancient civilizations on our Earth.

Some say that the Alpha Earth is purported to be a prototype of the Earth we know, simply saying that before the creation of thought itself God was creating many other worlds mainly for experimentation, however, each of these worlds were devoured by Chaos.

The Alpha Earth exists in the center of the Multiverse, where every single alternate Earth is a variation of the latter and thus is dubbed the original Earth. According to Remph, the angel of time, when thought came into existence as well as the illusion of free will, the ability of choice caused branches to spread about from the Alpha Earth and consequently give birth to alternate Earths. In layman's terms, every single choice the humanity makes leads to the creation of a reality where the opposite choice is given. This would mean that with every choice that is made, a world is made in the process.

History branches in two, creating one Earth where we made the choice and a second where we did not. This knowledge is said to be the life-long search that is the "secret" of the universe, which is basically billions of people making billions of choice and creating infinite Earths. The Alpha Earth is connected to the second Earth, which is the Earth that humans are most familiar with and call home. Our Earth can be dubbed the Omega Earth, being the last Earth to be created and thus the last perfect creation of God. The reason for this is because the Omega Earth shares the same components as the Alpha Earth and as such are part of a link.

The Alpha Earth is the "seed" of the Multiverse, the planet which holds infinite other plants on branches. Every version of reality itself balances precariously on this singular Earth. As a result, it has become a prime target of Chaos, the primordial void which was there before anything. Chaos seeks out the Alpha Earth to devour, and once that is done, all the innumerable alternate realities including the prime one will follow along with it, thus ensuring the destruction of the Multiverse itself. It for this particular reason that God hid away the Alpha Earth away from Chaos before He battled it.