Anamelech is an obscure demon, and is said to be the bringer of ill news. Anamelech was worshiped as a deity at Sepharvaim, an Assyrian town. The people of Sepharvaim burned their children as offerings to Anamelech and his counterpart Andramelech upon their respective alters, believing that both deities were responsible for the health and welfare of their cattle. Authorities declare that, for the Serpharvites, that Anamelech was the demon of the moon, while Andramelech was the demon of the sun. 

It is revealed that Anamelech was also involved in Cain's descent into rage and madness. For Anamelech was tasked by Satan to recruit Cain's soul into Hell. To accomplish this, Anamelech sends Cain a vision in which he sees his children toiling with agony, while Abel's children enjoy luxury and ease. By the end of the vision the former have become servants and slaves of the latter. Cain, having already been affected by the mark, is pushed into further rage and depravity from this vision, sets out to visciously assault and kill his brother.

However, this only failed to deliever Cain's soul to Satan, which angered the King of Hell. As Cain set out into the world, alone full of grief and guilt over his actions, and not taking his own life in the process. As punishment, Satan tortured Anamelech by throwing him in a lake fire, causing him to burn for seven days straight without end. The alternative for the legend is that Anamelech also whispers secrets to children in their sleep, and those secrets being that Satan will corrupt their youthful lives in the foreseeable future. This also causes Satan to punish Anamelech for whispering the secrets of the Devil's actions.

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