Angel Bind

Angel Bind.

The Angel Bind is a sigil that is used solely for the purpose of binding and trapping an Angel. The Angel Bind is seen as a five foot circle with several smaller circles encompassing the edge. Each circle possesses a different symbol that is meant to bind the angel inside the circle for several moments before banishing them from their host and sending them back to Heaven.

The creators of the circles saw angels as less of a threat than demons and therefore focused more on expelling angels, rather than trapping them for eternity. Once inside their circle, the angel is bound in much the same way as a Demon, unable to cross out of the circle as the banishment commences. Moreover, the angel is unable to use its powers as the sigil completely negates its abilities.

A painless experience, the binding and banishment lasts for five minutes, or further depending on how powerful the angel is, before returning the circle to a dormant state. It is evident that no matter how powerful the angel, they could not escape the trap, even high-tier angels like Seraphim or Archangels.

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