Apostles of Hecate

The insignia of the Apostles of Hecate.

The Apostles of Hecate is a group or coven of witches and Wiccans which is also affiliated with over one hundred covens. The time of the foundation of the coven is unknown, but it is widely speculated to be around three to four hundred years ago; possibly even more so. Some say it was founded in order to increase co-operation among witches and to secure for witches and covens the legal protection enjoyed by members of other religions. Others believe that it was created as a way for witches to unite in order to oppress a corrupt system and eventually seize control of the powers that be whom are in control of the system for themselves.

The Apostles of Hecate are hailed as one of the most powerful witch covens on Earth, if not the most powerful. It is due to their status and relationship with other covens, which many consider to be a superior over subordinate type, that they consider themselves the supreme coven. The Apostles, as evidenced by their title, worship the goddess Hecate who is the goddess of witchcraft and crossroads. They believe that through her, they can channel her power and gain her wisdom to protect those that society shuns; thieves, beggars and of course witches.

While normal members can accumulate large amounts of spiritual power and magic, the elders of the coven far outclass even the most skilled coven members. It is revealed that they channel their power through four items which symbolize Hecate herself; the items being a Dagger, Rope, Key, and Torch. The use of the Torch allows a witch to project their astral self and leaving the physical plane in order to better explore a path of enlightenment. The Key allows one to gain absolute and total knowledge of magic. The Rope is capable of returning one who is on the brink of death or even that was in death for a brief period. And finally the Dagger is capable of smiting the unholy with a single strike.

With the possession of such items, the Apostles are regarded as near unstoppable and powerful. However, at the peak of their power it was not until the Salem witch trials were in effect, where the village people raided their coven and took the four items, and thus the Apostles of Hecate disbanded in order to not be persecuted and burned at the stake. While they attempted to liberate their fellow members, they failed to rescue most and laid low until modern society arrived. While they are disbanded, they are not completely gone as their activities are still known, but not as much as it was back in the 1600's.

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