Azrael true form


Azrael, meaning "One Whom God Helps", is the Archangel of Death. He helps dying people make the transition from Earth to the afterlife, and he comforts people who are grieving the death of a loved one. In art, Azrael is often depicted wielding a sword or scythe, or wearing a hood, since these symbols represent his role as the angel of death who is reminiscent of the popular culture’s Reaper.

Azrael was also the final plague of the ten plagues that God unleashed upon Egypt, causing the deaths of the firstborn children of Egypt but sparing the lives of the Hebrews. This event has since become known as the "Passover". His name became known when carries souls up to heaven to be judged by God.

Azrael can also fiercely hunt down people who are unfaithful and unrepentant for their sins in their time of dying. Azrael appears on Earth in human form and hits sinful people on the head with his scythe to kill them and extract their souls from their bodies. Then he takes their souls to Hell, and makes it certain that they get their severe punishment. A damned soul stated that when Azrael was extracting his soul, it felt as though that every fiber of his muscles, bones, and even molecules were being violently and ferociously pulled, all while being devoured at the same time.

Azrael reveals that the reason he will not reveal his true form is due to his hideousness. Azrael's true form is in fact so terrifyingly awful, the mere sight of it could not only kill a human, but can drive even an Angel, Demon, and other Monsters to madness. Only his archangel brethren are immune to this, though some admit being uncomfortable when in the presence of his true form. Azrael is described as being completely covered in eyes and tongues, and the number of eyes and tongues constantly changes to reflect the number of people who are currently alive on Earth.