Balor is said to be the son of Buarainech and husband of Cethlenn, he is also interperted as the god of drought and blight. Balor is described as a giant with an eye in the middle of his forehead. This eye wreaks destruction when opened. It is dubbed as a "destructive" and "poisonous" eye that no army can withstand, and says that it takes four men to lift the eyelid.

When Balor heard a prophecy that he would be slain by his own grandson, he hid his own daughter in a tower to prevent her from becoming pregnant. A guard known as Cian enters the tower after searching for the cow of abundance which Balor stole, and impregnates his daughter.

After she gives birth to three children, he kills two of them but one was liberated and became Lugh. Balor was slain by Lugh, and legend has it that Balor's eye was still open when he fell face first into the ground. Thus his deadly eye beam burned a hole into the earth. Long after, the hole filled with water and became a lake which is now known as Loch na Súil, or "Lake of the Eye", in County Sligo.

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