Tbanes of job

Banes of Job.

The Banes of Job are collection of three beasts whom are regarded as the most powerful creatures ever to roam the Earth. The first is Behemoth, the primordial beast of the Earth, the second is Leviathan the primordial beast of the sea and also the demon of envy, and lastly is Ziz the primordial beast of the air. They are collectively known as the Banes of Job due to the fact that Job was once tasked with hunting down and capturing these monsters, a task which is considered to be impossible.

The name itself also refers to an ancient tablet, which is said to keep the three beasts of creation locked within their respective domains of which they rule with an iron fist. The tablet is broken into three pieces, each piece having the carving of the beast upon it. Once the three pieces are reunited, it will conjure the three beasts of destruction back to the Earth, where they will lay waste to all that is around them.

Leviathan will pollute the sea, Behemoth will fill the land with chasms and fissures, and Ziz will darken the sky, coating the land below in an endless shade. The three beasts are said to be the embodying forces of chaos and destruction,  and are even said to be the elder creatures that ruled over the young Earth until their defeat at the hands of God.