Barbariccia is one of the Malebranche, whose mission is to guard Bolgia Five in the Eighth Circle, the Malebolge. Barbariccia's name means "curly beard" in Italian (from barba=beard, and riccia=curly). Barbariccia seems to be the most important devil after Malacoda, and is appointed as the second in command of the Malebranche.

Unlike most of his fiendish comrades, Barbariccia is the most serious and dutiful of the devils, and sees that his task of tormenting the damned in the Malebolge is a duty rather then an art. Nevertheless, that does not allow him to waver from his creative methods of torture within the confines of the circle.

Since most of the Malebranche are heinous, sadistic, and vulgar they find it hard to cooperate with the more serious Barbariccia. The demon himself admitted that he finds their presence equally intolerable.

However, is shown to have some care for his comrades as he ordered the devils to save Alichino and Calcabrina when they fall into the lake of boiling pitch, having been tricked by one of the corrupt souls in an attempt to escape.

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