The bauk is an animal-like mythical creature in Serbian mythology. The bauk is described as hiding in dark places, holes, or abandoned houses, waiting to grab, carry away, and devour its victim; but it can be scared away by light and noise. It has a clumsy gait, and its onomatopea is bau.

Its appearance is widely unknown, most likely due to the fact that it spends the majority of times time in the darkest and most secluded of places. However, the bauk can be identified through an eerie sound that resembles finger nails scraping against wood. This sound is said to be a bauk's "croak" and creates it to signal its presence when it is near and preparing to devour its victim.

When light is shone upon the bauk, it not only can frighten it but also harm it. Similar to vampires, the bauk can be destroyed when in prolonged exposure to intense light. A beam of light from a flash light can take time, however, when in contact with sunlight their destruction is immediate.

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