Bragi alongside his wife, Iðunn.

Bragi is one of the sons of Odin, the eldest next to Thor. Long ago, the Mead of Poetry was guarded by a giant named Suttung who kept it in a cave under his house and set his daughter Gunnlod as its guardian. Odin was determined to steal the sacred Mead, and after many adventures he took the form of a snake and slipped into the cave, where he returned to a handsomer form and offered himself to Gunnlod as a lover.

She took him on for three nights, during which he drank nearly all of the Mead of Poetry and sired a child on Gunnlod. Returning to Asgard, he vomited forth the sacred Mead into barrels and kept it there. Later, Gunnlod sent their son, Bragi, to live at his father's court in Asgard. He was brilliant and eloquent, with a beautiful singing voice, great musical talent, and a presence that could charm an audience. Odin made him the Skald of Asgard, but he does not always remain there.

Bragi is one of the few gods who, as it is said, is welcome in any world by anyone. Rather than being a warrior, he is a speaker for peace and a diplomat. He wanders the Nine Worlds, welcomed joyfully into the halls of Aesir, Vanir, Jotun, Duergar, Alfar both light and dark, and sometimes that of unwitting humans. He sings or tells stories for his welcome, and gently leaves them with the ideals of peace and cooperation.

He is married to Iðunn, the goddess of youth whose golden apples keep the gods young. It is said that she carved the Runes into his tongue, that he might be even more a master of words. He is occasionally known as the "long-bearded one".

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