Camael, which means He Who Sees God, is an Archangel that is often associated with pure love, and he is said to be able to wipe away all traces of sorrow from a persons heart. Camael is also known as the facilitator of total forgiveness, helping to mend and heal broken or damaged relationships. Another gift that Camael is said to bestow on people, is the ability to find or recognize one's soul mate.

The exact scriptural source that lists all of these abilities will be impossible to pinpoint in this day and age, and therefor it is thought by most scholars that these powers that Camael possesses are rooted in the occult, or angel worshipping circles. These occult groups are known to have existed around the time that Jesus walked the earth, and thus it is possible that Camael might have played a central role in these old fringe beliefs.

There is also the possibility that Camael was a pagan God of European origin that was molded into an angel after Christianity spread to the continent.