Camazotz by humawinghangin


Camazotz was the Mayan god of bats, more specifically the vampire bats, and thus is widely reverred by many vampires across to globe. He was the central god of an ancient Mayan cult which may have owed its existence to giant vampire bats which are now extinct. In Mesoamerica the bat was associated with night, death, and sacrifice.

Camazotz is known for his immeasurable thirst for blood. Whether beast, mortal, or god matters not, only satisfying the unquenchable thrum in his veins for the boiling blood of another creature. But there is never enough. There will never be enough. So Camazotz, bat-god, whose bestial form matches that of his nocturnal servants, lurks in the darkness, waiting only to feed.

Camazotz are the bat-like monsters encountered by the Maya Hero Twins Hunahpu and Xbalanque during their trials in the underworld of Xibalba. The twins had to spend the night in the House of Bats where they squeezed themselves into their own blowguns in order to defend themselves from the circling bats. Hunahpu stuck his head out of his blowgun to see if the sun had risen and Camazotz immediately snatched off his head and carried it to the ball court to be hung up as the ball to be used by the gods in their next ballgame.

A messenger from Xibalba in the form of a man with the wings of a bat brokers a deal between Lord Tohil and mankind, wherein mankind promises their armpits and their waists (the opening of their breasts in human sacrifice) in exchange for fire.

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