Demigods are beings who are half-human and half-god. However, unlike their parents they possess mortal souls and are vulnerable to old age and death; although, their godly blood endows them with special abilities that allow them to achieve feats not usually possible by humans.

Demigods, however, are usually frowned upon by many other deities. These are the types of gods whom would not even bother to affiliate themselves with humans as they seem as nothing but lower life-forms and not worth their time. Although, as evidenced with the divine offspring, some gods take a liking to a certain mortal individual and become their consort.

Demigods are completely indistinguishable from humans. They do not have a divine form, however they do inherit some traits from their god parent's divine form. It is unknown whether a demigod's eye and hair color depends on what form their parent took while consorting with their mortal parents. Some demigods with the same divine parent have a different color.

As stated before, demigods are the end result of a god and a human having a child together. Because these children are part god, they have above average reflexes, an affinity for the languages associated with their parents, and may have some level of control or skill over the realm of their godly parent. While seemingly powerful, many of them exhibit natural illnesses such as ADHD and dyslexia.

Demigods inherit some control over their divine parent's domain. Some demigods also show some control of magic or curses. Demigods also have a wide variety of other abilities that they all share, but these abilities vary depending on their godly parent, including superhuman strength, speed, superhuman senses, agility, above-average healing-factor, intelligence, durability, and endurance.