Devil's Meeting

The Devil's Meeting.

The Devil's Meeting is a series of events brought about in human history where Satan took on human form in order to kill sinners and take them to Hell. These moments were preceded by the suicide of a human being as that was the moment when the Devil made his  presence first known. These initial victims kill themselves despite the fact that they were rational beings though they leave signs that indicate that they were crazy as well due to the influence of Satan.

According to stories passed to children, Satan was known to sometimes actively take part in seeking individuals that had sinned in their lives whilst they were still alive on Earth. During such moments, he took on human form in order to trap them in a confined location where a group of such individuals congregated. At such moments, he turned these people against one another where the Prince of Lies killed them one at a time. The last victim was intended to die in front of their loves oned in order to make cynics of them. However, ultimately, all those chosen in a Devil's Meeting were intended to die.

Once manifested, events began to change in the loca area of the Meeting. This included bad things happening and included the coming death of people. Furthermore, images of the Devil would manifest a rough appearance on electronic equipment with cynics claiming that it was simply a distortion. In addition, any attempts by mortal beings to stop the Devil met with accidents and were killed as a result.