Devil may cry dante devil trigger by digitalninja-daq27ba

Dante's Devil Trigger.

Devil Trigger is a special power possessed by demons and demonic hybrids such as Cambions which allows them to release their full supernatural potential. While in Devil Trigger, the demonic being will assume their true form. In this form, many of one's physical and magical attributes are amplified, similar to the angel's Ascension Form but being its opposite. The Devil Trigger can also provide with additional abilities such as flying and blasts of otherwordly energy.

When a demon or demonic hybrid shifts into their true demonic form, it does not always remain in the same appearance. As time passes and the demon ages, the appearance of the Devil Trigger begins to change along with them. However, this change of appearance also means a shift into a demon's power level, for when a demon grows so do their power, and thus their Devil Trigger as well.

It is possible that one's Devil Trigger can be restrained via certain procedures. If a demon's power proves to be too overwhelming, they can wear magical seals that restrict them from using certain amplified magical attributes and physical ones as well.

While a Devil Trigger appears to be advantageous, it is also dangerous. As a demon who remains in their Devil Trigger for too long, the immense power that is exerting from them may corrupt their mind and force them to turn on their comrades, which is why they must be experienced with using this transformation.

The Devil Trigger can vary from demon to demon, meaning that while a Devil Trigger is an ability where a demon unleashes their power in order to assume their true form, the current form that they reveal is not exactly their complete demonic form. This means that once a Devil Trigger is active, the amount of demonic energy that is being released only shows the being's partial demonic form, and not its full one.