Half Breed Vampire

A Dhampir's most notable traits are their deathly pale skin and bright silver eyes.

The half-living children of Vampires birthed by human females, dhampirs are progenies of both horror and tragedy. The circumstances of a dhampir's conception are often called into question but scarcely understood, as few mortal mothers survive the childbirth. Those who do often abandon their monstrous children and refuse to speak of the matter. While some speculate that dhampirs result when mortal women couple with vampires, others claim that they form when a pregnant woman suffers a vampire bite.

Some particularly zealous scholars even contest dhampirs' status as a unique race, instead viewing them as humans suffering from an unholy affliction. Regardless, they live and die just like any other mortal creatures, despite possessing a supernatural longevity akin to that of most vampires and other supernatural creatures. Hardship and suffering fill a dhampir's formative years. Most grow up as orphans, and despite their exquisite features and innate charm, they face a lifetime of prejudice, mistrust, fear, and persecution.

Humans who witness the seemingly sinister nature of a dhampir child's supernatural powers or mild sensitivity to daylight display an array of reactions ranging from awe to terror to outright hatred. Eventually, a dhampir must learn to cope with these difficulties in order to find his place in the world. While most dhampirs succumb to the innate evil of their undead heritage and devolve into the monstrous fiends depicted by society, a few reject their unholy conceptions.

Unlike their more bloodthirsty species, dhampirs are immune to sunlight and holy water, but it is show that it simply annoys them. However, they can be fatally injured with the use of a cross. Due to their unique genetic traits, dhampirs are traditionally stronger then their parents and most of the vampiric race. Dhampirs are even said to rival the strength of Turok-Hans whilst more experienced ones can surpass them. Their one true weakness is their bloodlust, a damning trait they inherit from their vampiric parents. In fact, it is because of this weakness that dhampirs refuse to be accompanied by companions on their journeys of hunts and self finding.

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