Dilong presiding over streams.

Dilong, the "Earth Dragon", is a Chinese dragon of the Earth and one of the Celestial Dragons, who are among the mightiest dragons in the world. Also called the Underground Dragons, the earth dragons are tasked to preside over rivers and streams.

According to some accounts, they are the female counterpart of the Shenlong dragons and they fly only in order to mate. It is said that the mating between Dilong and Shenlong is equivalent to early creation myths between the sky and the Earth. In the case of the Earth and Sky dragons, the union between these two dragons provides the mortals with water and healthy air.

Dilong are only known to live and swim beneath rivers and streams, and often at times can simply rest by them. A Dilong dragon is identified by its lush green scales, highly resembling that if the greenery that surrounds the river or stream it guards over. Their wings are tucked behind them throughout the majority of their lives, and only expose themselves when they are required to fly in order to mate with the Shenlong dragons.

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