Dire Wolf

A Dire Wolf, likely an alpha male.

The dire wolf, meaning "fearsome dog", is a legendary prehistoric animal that lived in the Americas during the Late Pleistocene epoch (125,000–10,000 years ago). The species was named in 1858 but the first specimen had been found in 1854 in Ohio, USA.

They are described as having the appearance of modern gray wolves but far larger and imposing in comparison to the latter. Dire wolves can grow as large as small horses. In proportion to their bodies, their legs are longer and their heads are larger than normal wolves. Their muzzles are also longer and more pronounced. Possible coloration include grey with yellow eyes and black with green eyes. Albino dire wolves have white fur and red eyes.

Like other wolves, dire wolves are social animals and travel in packs. They are efficient solitary hunters and are extremely intelligent. Left to its own devices a solitary dire wolf may join a pack of common wolves and establish dominance over it thanks to its larger size. Dire wolves are also said to be very physically powerful, far more so than any known Earthly wolf. It is said that a dire wolf is easily capable of ripping off a man's arm just as easily as it is for a dog to kill a mere rat. While very strong in their own right, they are not as strong as werewolves.

Speaking of which, it is known that the dire wolves are close associates with the werewolves for obvious reasons. In fact, some werewolves have kept dire wolves as pets. Dire wolves can also act as traveling companions to a werewolf who travels alone and without a pack. In contrast to the Turok-Han, the dire wolves are not in any way hostile to the lycanthrope race, and instead can act as allies and even guardians.

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