Divinity Shift

A deity entering its divine form.

The Divinity Shift is a special power that is attributed to all deities and is the true immortal form of the gods in which all of their essence is in one place. Looking upon a god in this state will incinerate and destroy any mortal onlooker.

Primordial deities such as the Titans also have a divine form, which differs from that of other deities like the Olympians in that they are able to destroy mortal beings simply by being in their very presence. This may be the case with other deities whom are regarded as more powerful than the other, for it may simply be more volatile and chaotic, or it could also be the gods have either better control over this ability, or more reason to control it.

When a deity accesses this ability, they are able to unleash their full power, and it is even said that it is roughly on par with an angel's Ascension Form, and could reach that of a Seraphim's as well. However, they cannot equal or surpass an archangel's.

Gods in this fully manifested state are roughly humanoid beings radiant with the true, unbridled power of their divine essence. Their bodies are enveloped in an intense light, which seems to differ in color based on the god, along with waves of power and energy which is capable of decimating everything in visual range. Mortals cannot witness a god in this form, lest they burn up from the sight.

This does not seem to apply when the mortal is present in spirit and not in body. This also does not apply to supernatural beings with sufficient power and thus are capable of approaching a deity in their divine state without concern of incineration. Despite this, it has been shown that lesser monsters and demons fall prey to the intensity of their power. It is also possible to witness a deity's true form in their Divinity Shift indirectly.

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