Dragon Install Form.

Dragon Install.

The Dragon Install is the special ability for dragons like the Devil Trigger is for demons and the Ascension Form is for the angels. Like their own special ability, when activated, the strength, speed, and healing factors of the dragons are increased substantially and their fire alongside magical abilities are also enhanced dramatically.

While in Dragon Install, their forms have a luminescent appearance with a black silhouette. They acquire sharp claws, a tail, wings, and horns. It basically represents their true forms as dragons while they are in the midst of the transformation process. However, the appearance of the Dragon Install varies from dragon to dragon depending on which one is accessing this power. Example being is that once a dragon initiates this ability, the dragon is enveloped in an ethereal aura with draconic features and is even complete with spectral fiery wings.

The drawback of this ability is that they are unable to sustain this level of strength and power for an extended period due to it burning their physical exertion and rendering them slightly weakened after. It can only be activated for that extended period when a dragon trains itself not just physically but mentally as well by tapping into their inner thoughts of positivism, and those thoughts reflect on what they are fighting for. Whether it's for to defend a loved one or their determination to win for the sake of others it matters in order to achieve success on maintaining their forms stable and longer.

Certain dragons have inhibitors or magical seals on their person that prevents them from achieving their full power. Depeding on how powerful the dragon can be, the seals can range up to either nine or ten. Perhaps even further. Once the last seal is released, the dragon is capable of achieving its full power and form, ascending to pyrokinetic levels that is comparable to that of the sun. However, this form can have a severe drawback on the dragon to the point where it is even fatal. For once a dragon accesses its full state, their power literally starts to burn them from the inside out the more they use it. As well as cause extensive damage to the surrounding area they are in. A wizard once stated that a dragon nearly set fire to the Earth's atmosphere when it was reaching its full ascended form.