Eve the First Woman

A painting depicting the image of Eve.

Eve is the first woman created by God. According to the second chapter of Genesis, Eve was created by God (Yahweh) by taking her from the rib of Adam, to be Adam's companion. However, she is also widely regarded as the "Woman of Sin" for succumbing the Devil's temptation in the form of a serpent into eating the forbidden fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. She shares the fruit with Adam, and as a result the first humans are expelled from the Garden of Eden. Usually it is shown to be Eve's fault in the traditional teachings.

In Islamic teachings, Eve is not named in the Qu'ran but referred to as Hawaa, and was tempted by a possible Shaytan, who reached the Garden by hiding under a peacocks feathers, and reached Eve by transferring to a serpents mouth.

From there, he tempted Eve with false promises of what the fruit would do to benefit her and Adam. Eve was willing to talk to the serpent and respond to the creature's cynicism by repeating God's prohibition from the tree. The serpent directly disputes God's command. Eve then shared the fruit to Adam and after being questioned by God, Adam pointed towards Eve as the culprit, God then challenges the woman to explain herself, who blames the serpent, who is cursed to crawl on its belly, so losing its limbs.

Divine pronouncement of three judgments are then laid against all culprits. A judgement oracle and the nature of the crime is first laid upon the serpent, then Eve, and finally Adam. After the serpent is cursed by God, the woman receives a penalty that impacts two primary roles: childbearing and her subservient relationship to her husband. Adam's penalty thus follows. Both begged for forgiveness, which was given to them.

For her share in the transgression, Eve, and womankind after her, is sentenced to a life of sorrow and travail in childbirth, and to be under the power of her husband. Adam and Eve had two sons, Cain and Abel, the first a tiller of the ground, the second a keeper of sheep. After the death of Abel, Eve gave birth to a third son, Seth, from whom Noah, and thus the whole of modern humanity, is descended. It is said that Eve had sons and daughters beyond just Cain, Abel, and Seth. Furthermore, possibly as a result of eating the Forbidden Fruit, Eve was cursed with immortality and thus was forced to wander the Earth and never aging.