Irish Werewolf

A carving depicting the image of an Irish werewolf.

The Faoladh is a type of werewolf that is much different from the traditional European or Teutonic werewolf. In fact, it is different to where that these werewolves are not exactly considered to be savage monsters or even monsters at all.

Unlike its continental cousins, this shapeshifter is the guardian and protector of children, wounded men, and lost souls. According to some ancient sources, the Faoladh were even recruited by kings in time of war. Other tales claim that creatures, half wolf, half man, wander the forests, sometimes preying on cattle and sheep, other times protecting the people.

And an even older myth tells the tale of three werewolf women yearly emerging from a cave to slaughter sheep during a Harvest Feast, and who were finally lured with music and massacred. This shows that they retain the normal behavioral characteristics of a common wolf unlike the heightened savagery of a European werewolf who emerge beneath the occasional nocturnal raid.

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