The Fomorians are a supernatural race of primordial beings in Irish mythology. Their role in mythology is similar to that of the Greek titans and the Norse giants Jotunn, as they are envisioned being malevolent ogre-like creatures with mighty supernatural power that they used against the newer gods that would eventually become the ruling pantheon of Ireland.

They are sometimes said to have had the body of a man and the head of a goat,  or to have had one eye, one arm and one leg, but some, for example Elatha, the father of Bres, were very beautiful. Bres himself carries the epithet "the Beautiful."

The Fomorians were thus driven into the sea and were blamed for many ills in the world, especially elemental damage such as flooding, storms and disease; outwith Irish mythology the Fomorians have also appeared as antagonist in media dealing with fantasy and/or theology.

The Fomorians were seen as gods who represent the harmful or destructive powers of nature; personifications of chaos, darkness, death, blight and drought.

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