Hellsing Patch

The Hellsing badge.

The Hellsing Organization, also known as the Royal Order of Protestant Knights, is a paranormal organization located in the outskirts of London which houses powerful supernatural beings weaponized to fight against the forces of darkness; these beings are vampires.

The name "Hellsing" comes from the character in Bram Stoker's Dracula, Abraham Van Helsing. The organization is an integral part of the true power-structure of Great Britain, which is in fact still ruled by a hidden aristocracy and the monarchy. The organization is tasked with defending the country's shores from any and all supernatural threats.

It is believed that the Hellsing Organization was founded by Abraham Van Helsing shortly after the events of his battle against the mighty Dracula as a response to the threat posed by vampires after his encounter with him. The purpose of the Hellsing Organization is to end all earthly activity of non-human creatures. It is traditionally headed by Abraham's descendants, as they are the only ones who can control Dracula, "the fruit of the Hellsing family's labors," whom they performed many experiments upon, building him into the ultimate weapon for use in battle against the undead.

The organization is understood to have a body of soldiers responsible for the protection of the mansion conducting offensive operations against targets. The protection of the Hellsing Organization includes VAB armoured personnel carriers, wearing uniform and body armor, and handling a variety of weapons, especially MP5 submachine guns. However, the organization is also shown to use anti-Christian weaponry, mainly the use of vampires and magical spells to help counter against strong foes with great mystical abilities.


  • Integra Hellsing - Director
  • Alucard - Vampire
  • Seras Victoria - Vampire
  • Walter C. Dornez - Butler of Integra