In Japanese Shinto-mythology, the primordial sky, the god of all that is light and heavenly. Izanagi, the Man Who Invites, and his wife and sister Izanami, the Female Who Invites, were given the task of creating the world.

Standing on Ama-no-Ukihashi, the floating bridge of the heavens, they plunged a jewel crested spear into the ocean. When they pulled it free, the water that dripped from the spear coagulated and formed the first island of the Japanese archipelago.

Here the first gods and humans were born. When his wife died giving birth to Kagutsuchi and burning her severely, Izanagi went to the underworld to retrieve her, but she refused to come back with him and they parted forever. When Izanami died, Izanagi tried to retrieve her from the underworld, but failed. He mistakenly looks at her while she's in a rotting, monstrous state in the underworld, which shames her. She attempts to kill him, and swears to kill a thousand of his men a day.

Izanagi claims that he will make sure that a thousand and five hundred will be born each day. When Izanagi returned from the underworld, he started the first cleaning rites. He washed his left eye and thus created the sun goddess Amaterasu. When he washed his right eye, the moon god Tsukuyomi came forth. From his nose he created Susanoo, the god of the seas and the storms.

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