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The Jabberwock is a mythical creature described as being a fearful and terrifying being. The Jabberwock is a large winged chimera with the body of a dragon, a whiskered, fish-like head, insectile antennae and a pair of talon-like hands on both its arms and its wings, which may also serve as forelegs when it walked on the ground. Several versions depict the Jabberwock wearing a buttoned vest.

Apparently a ferocious maneater in life, Jabberwock warns the unnamed hero to beware "The jaws that bite" and "the claws that catch," It presumably lived within a dark forest until it was slain by an unnamed hero wielding a blade.

In the original illustration made for the book it is shown as being similar to a dragon. At the end of the poem the Jabberwock is finally killed with the Vorpal Blade.

The Jabberwock is believed to be the creator of insanity, and all the mentally insane are capable of seeing it, and once they do the Jabberwock lunges forward gripping them with its tight jaws and drags them to the depths of their very own psyche.