Lamb of God

Lamb of God.

The Lamb of God, also known as the Lion of Judah, is a creature or a tool that is said to be used during the Day of Judgement. It is widely believed to be an actual lamb, however, it greatly differs from the earthly lambs that humans are aware of. The Lamb of God is said to be a divine and holy lamb, which symbolizes Christianity itself. The Lamb itself is depicted as having seven horns and seven eyes, with each of the seven being the Seven Spirits of God. It is also shown with an open wound as though it was in the midst of slaughter.

According to legend, the Lamb is seated upon a throne, with seven lamps of fire burning before the throne that represent the spirits of God. The spirits themselves are stationed across the Earth but with no mention of where they are exactly located. The seven horns of the Lamb are believed to express the power of the animal itself while its seven eyes express its wisdom.

The Lamb of God is prophesied to open the Seven Seals of Judgement during the Apocalypse. Only through the Lamb can the seals be opened, and thus rain down destruction and plague upon the Earth and its inhabitants. Its personality is unknown, however, it can assumed that it is simply an agent of divine reckoning as it is simply following what it is tasked to do, much like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.

Demons are unable to touch the lamb, nor can sinners for that matter. However, fallen angels like Lucifer are able to touch and use the lamb to a certain extent but not without of course damaging themselves in the process. The lamb's blood itself is holy and divine, and one person described as drinking a sweet nectar that simply cleans away the filth that is seen wholly from the body. Its blood is also fatal for demonic creatures, for any that dare to even step on its blood or to be sprinkled with it, are rendered into blood themselves and unable to pass on from whence they came.