Lilim are said to be children of Lilith according to Jewish folklore and Kabbalistic teachings. Lilith was believed to be the sexual, pleasurable manifestation of the Goddess, the prime deity of the prevailing religion which ancient Judaism sought to destroy. Such folklore said Lilith had control of life or death over any child produced by any sexual union not prescribed by Jewish law including husband and wife in candle light, the woman completely naked, or at a time forbidden by the law. 

The Lilim were conceived through the union of Lilith and the Samael the angel of death. Lilith refused to provide any pleasure towards her mate Adam, the first human being, due to the fact that him being on top of her boasted a sense of superiority for the male instead of the female. Lilith was then kicked out of Eden for this. Lucifer saw this as an opportunity to bring forth one of his infamous acts. He persuaded the angel Samael to give Lilith the pleasure that Adam could not, and prove that the race of angels are far greater then that of a humans and are capable of giving more then they.

Samael obliged under Lucifer's influence, and made love to Lilith whom later gave birth to the Lilim. When God knew of this, he destroyed all her children which greatly angered Lilith before she vowed to kill any child that was conceived through the union under the law of marriage. Lilith and Samael were later condemned to the Pit, which later became Hell after Lucifer and his followers fell from grace and be punished for their crimes. Despite being destroyed the Lilim were conceived yet again and born in the pits of Hell, which twisted their physical appearance and depravity.