Maurader Armor

The Marauder Armor after being located by Lucifer once again and thus redesigned for his own uses of it.

The Marauder Armor is a construct that was created long ago by Lucifer himself during his time as an archangel. The purpose of the armor itself was for it to be used to combat the threat of the Great Old Ones.

The Marauder was created, by the command of Michael, as a weapon to use against the dreaded Old Ones. The task was taken on by the finest craftsmen of Heaven, and once finished Michael, Gabriel, and all other archangels transferred a portion of their power into the construct which gave it superhuman strength and energy manipulating powers. The armor itself is said to be indestructible and cannot be harmed by any conventional means. It can, however, be destroyed by beings of vastly superior power such as God or Death.

After its use, however, the archangels noticed that the usage of the armor proved to be too much for the wearer and as such Michael had the armor sealed within a temple inside a plateau hoping it would be out of reach from any who would use its tremendous powers for evil until the purpose it was designed for could be implemented once again in the foreseeable future.

The Marauder armor is not a suit of armor that can be physically worn or disassembled. A life force must be projected into the armor in order to animate it which leaves the possessor’s body in a catatonic state. The armor is linked to the body of the individual inside which is why the person does not die due to lack of life force, but if the person’s essence is put back inside its body by a powerful spell directed at the person, the Marauder will become inanimate once again.

By the same token, if the person’s body is killed, the life force will leave the armor and revert it back to its lifeless state. Normally, a person has to be close to the armor and a willing participant to have their life essence transferred into it, but a person’s essence can also be transferred if that person is not mentally guarded for such a transfer. However, beings of great divine power can make the transferals over great distances due to their proficiency with mystical and cosmic powers.

It is revealed that when the armor was located once again, Lucifer bestowed the Marauder with its own intelligence but has been programmed to destroy, so when a life essence is absorbed into the armor, the Marauder normally takes over and the person inside has no choice but to go along with its programming unless the will of the person is the same as the will of the armor.