Merihem is the name of a monstrous and insane demon known to many as "The Red Death", as well as being the spirit of pestilences and a prince of hell. Merihem is believed to been once a beautiful angel and who, during the War in Heaven, angered Death by bathing in the blood of the opposing angels of God, due to the fact that blood is the life currency of all things.

Instead of the reaper ending his existence, Merihem instead became cursed by being rendered into a hideous being before plummeting down to Hell.

The process of becoming a fallen angel drove Merihem insane and in his madness, he became imprisoned deep inside the Abyss. Merihem later became a prince of Hell and rules over the circle of violence, he especially finds pleasure and merriment within the Wood of Suicides.

He is known for having a hunger for the taking of life, and in the process encourages to commit violence upon oneself as well as upon others. He teaches those who are insane enough to worship him that the suffering of life through disease or murder is the greatest joy in existence.