Morax is a demon, Great Earl, and President of Hell, having thirty legions of demons under his command. He teaches astronomy and all other liberal sciences, and gives good and wise familiars that know the virtues of all herbs and precious stones. 

He is depicted as a man with the head of a bull. But he is capable of taking the shape of a woman dressed in the style of traditional ancient Egyptian nobility. Some believe this woman to be the Egyptian goddess Ma'at. Ma'at was the goddess of justice and was married to Thoth, the god of wisdom. Both of these deities were involved in the ancient practice of weighing the heart of the dead, to ensure that the light of heart were allowed into the great beyond.

It is believed the Morax's appearance in that form has inspired the ancient Egyptians to revere him as a deity. And later, the Minotaur itself was inspired by his bull-like form. It has been proposed that Morax is related to the Minotaur which Dante places in Hell within the Divine Comedy.

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