Moulton Coins

Moulton Coins.

The Moulton Coins were historical gold coins that were used by none other than the Devil himself after partaking in a Faustian wager with Jonathan Moulton. They are gold coins with the branding of Satan's peronal signature on either side, and were molded out of the fires of Hell. Moulton was once a colonial general of the New Hampshire Militia, as well as being a legendary hunter and one of the very few figures in history to ever outsmart the Devil. A pivitol moment that made him legendary was when his house burned down.

Legend states that he had made a Faustian deal with the Devil and had outsmarted him by saying that he would sell his soul to him if the Devil would fill his boots up with gold coins on the first of every month. Jonathan found the largest set of boots in all of the Province of New Hampshire. The next month Satan returned to fill up the boots with gold, but no matter how many gold coins he poured in the boots they would not fill. Jonathan had cut off the soles of the boots and put the boots over a hole in the floor, and all the gold coins fell into the basement of the house. The Devil, after being outsmarted by Jonathan, burnt down his house in revenge.

The gold coins disappeared, but they are said to be in possession by a group of hunters. The coins themselves are believed to be curse and rightfully so as well. For it is said that whoever touches the coins, gains an audience with Satan, and in the process they would find themselves be overcome with greed which destroys their lives and later have their houses burned down by the Devil himself.

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