Mountain of Flowers and Fruit

Mountain of Flowers and Fruit.

Mount Huaguo, also known as the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit or the Fruit and Flower Mountain, is a massive and divine area that is also said to be the abode of the mythical being Sun Wukong, more commonly known as the Monkey King. In modern times, Mount Huaguo is located in Yuntai, Jiiangsu, seven kilometers southeast of Lianyungang City. It lies 625 meters above sea level and covers an area of 84.3 square kilometers, with 136 peaks.

The mountain is located in the country of Aolai in the Eastern Continent of Superior Deity also known as the "Pūrvavideha Continent". It is known as the birthplace of Sun Wukong (the Monkey King). The large mountain counts many demons and monkeys in its population and contains many hidden areas, such as the Shuilian Cave. After Sun Wukong bravely rushes through a large waterfall and into this cave, every individual in the mountain acknowledges him as their king.

After Sun Wukong becomes king, this mountain becomes exceedingly civilized and well trained for various future conflicts such as war. These traits are seen in the fact that Sun Wukong often left this mountain for reasons, including his eventual task of protecting the Tang monk Xuanzang on his journey to India. Due to the natural and civilized ways of this mountain set by Sun Wukong, this mountain continues to thrive even after 500 years of conflict.

In the modern area, the mountain became a popular tourist attraction, especially due to the fact that it was once the abode of Sun Wukong. The mountain became an icon of sorts due to the influence of the Chinese novel Journey to the West which included Sun Wukong as the protagonist of the story.

The mountain has many statues based on its heroes, such as a sculpture of the head of Sun Wukong (the Monkey King), who was also said to be born on the mountain. Near the entrance stand sculptures of the four main characters, along with 109 stone monkeys welcoming visitors as they enter and six stone lions guarding the place. The most prominent sculpture is the Monkey Stone. People call it the "Monkey Stone" because from a distance it looks like a monkey. Because of this, people like to relate the stone with the Sun Wukong, who rules and protects his home just as this stone monkey seems to protect this place.

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