Obsidian Mirror

The Obsidian Mirror.

The Obsidian Mirror is an ancient and supernatural mirror that was created by the creator god Tezcatlipoca. The Obsidian Mirror acts like a mirror which shows an individual what would they look like with their potential unleashed. It appears as a circular finely polished mirror made out of obsidian material.

After saying "I submit to the Obsidian Mirror," in the language of the Aztecs, the individual will be given the power promised. The mirror also appears to possess some kind of sentience, being able to show visions of a future in which it submitted to its power to an individual, once they asked why would they submit to its power.

The mirror is also capable of reverting the state of its users if they look into the mirror a second time, taking their powers from them. However, mental or physical side-effects might remain. The enhancements provided by the Obsidian Mirror diminish both over time and with exertion.

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