Salt is often used by hunters to repel ghosts, demons, hellhounds, and other supernatural beings along with use as a condiment.

Salt may be loaded into a shotgun cartridge and fired at a spirit, forcing it to dissipate harmlessly for a short time. However, this does not destroy the spirit. Salt can also stop ghosts and demons from entering a room if a hunter simply spills a line of it in front of all entry points, like windows or doors. It can also be poured or spilled into a circle around a victim to create an area of protection that keeps spirits from attacking.

A ghost can also be encircled by salt to prevent it from escaping, much like a devil's trap. If a line of salt is broken by any means, a spirit can pass through it. Salt lines can only be broken by creatures that it does not affect.

Salt may also be used to purify human corpses. As it causes intense pain in demons, it may also be used to torture them. It can also be used to force a spirit out of a human's body after possession.

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