Scroll of Seven Seals

The Scroll.

The Scroll of Seven Seals is a scroll or a book which is closed through seven holy seals and are unable to be opened by any conventional means.

It is an ancient and mighty powerful scroll that should it ever be opened will unleash apocalyptic events across the world and even to the point where it can affect the reaches of space itself, or at least the space of which the Earth orbits.

The contents within the scroll contain secret information that is known only to God, and can only be read by the Lamb of God itself. Even Metatron, who is the Scribe of God, is unable to read its contents properly. To open the scroll, one must have the Lamb of God by their side as well. After which the blood of the lamb is used to open the seven seals one after the other. That is by painting one's finger with its blood before stamping it on the seal and thus opening it in the process. And through each one the lamb will read the contents and thus create destruction on the Earth upon an unimaginable scale.

Below are the seals listed in order:

  • First Seal: The summoning of the White Horseman, Conquest.
  • Second Seal: The summoning of the Red Horseman, War.
  • Third Seal: The summoning of the Black Horseman, Famine.
  • Fourth Seal: The summoning of the Pale Horseman, Death.
  • Fifth Seal: The ressurection of those who were slain by the "Word of God".
  • Sixth Seal: A powerful earthquake erupts, and the sun is blotted out with the moon becoming crimson like blood. Every mountain and island were moved out of their original places thus creating global tectonic shifts.
  • Seventh Seal: Heaven becomes silent for an hour, and seven angels are given seven trumpets to signal the woes and cause further cataclysmic destruction.