Titanomachy 2

Second Titanomachy: Zeus versus Typhon.

The second great Titan war, marks the second and last battle between the Titans and the Olympian deities as well as the demise of the Olympians. The Second Titanomachy will be triggered by the release of the most fearsome beast in Greek mythology, known as Typhon. It is said that when Typhon draws his last breath, it will cause Mount Etna, which is currently a volcano, to erupt violently and coat the sky above in a vast and seemingly endless sea of fiery smoke and cloud. It will darken a vast portion of the earth, submerging many of the humans in darkness but not before they suffocate from the ashes above.

Once Typhon rises, he will return to his previous task and that is to destroy the gods of Olympus. Typhon will rampage across the land, polluting and decimating all in his path while filling it with a hoarde of monstrosities. The major deities, and even minor, will partake in defeating the monsters and gathering their respective armies to destroy them, leaving the most prominent gods being, Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon, to battle Typhon on their own.

The three brothers face off against Typhon in a colossal battle, which shifts the very strata of the earth itself, forming new mountains and pathways even. Poseidon will fall due to the oceans being dried up from the battle, but musters the last of his strength to drown Typhon as well as the remainder of his armies, and Hades summoning the legions of the damned to swarm and subdue Typhon with their innumerable numbers, along with destroying his beasts in fury for their death at his hands. While Zeus, gathering the last of his power, strikes Typhon with a powerful thunder bolt, electrocuting him and destroying him entirely in the process. Zeus, however, dies from his wounds.

In the end, only Hades remained, and roams the desolated Earth to collect the souls of those that have fallen before he too fades. Before he does, it is said that Hades resurrects two humans in order for them to repopulate the Earth once more. 

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