Serket is the goddess of fertility, nature, animals, medicine, magic, and healing venomous stings and bites in Egyptian mythology, originally the deification of the scorpion.

Serqet's name describes this, as it means "(she who) tightens the throat", however, Serqet's name also can be read as meaning "(she who) causes the throat to breathe", and so, as well as being seen as stinging the unrighteous, Serqet was seen as one who could cure scorpion stings and the effects of other venoms such as snakebite.

Serqet was shown as a scorpion (a symbol found on the earliest artifacts of the culture such as from Naqada III) or as a woman with a scorpion on her head. Although Serqet does not appear to have had any temples, she had a sizable number of priests in many communities.

As the protector against venom and snakebite, Serqet often was said to protect the deities from Apep, the great snake-demon of evil, sometimes being depicted as the guard when Apep was captured.

Serqet also was considered a protector of the dead, particularly being associated with venoms and fluids causing stiffening. She was thus said to be the protector of the tents of embalmers, and of the canopic jar associated with venom, the jar of the intestine, which was deified later as Qebehsenuef, one of the four sons of Horus, who were her sons by one of the two Horuses

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