Shape Shifter


A Shapeshifter or a 'theriomorph' is a being who can assume an animal as well as a human form. A spiritual theriomorph is someone who at least sees aspects of animals in his or her personality and actions, and those aspects shape who he or she is. When they change into the person's physical appearance, they access the thoughts of the person they are mimicking. More experienced shapeshifters are even capable of morphing their limbs into weapons by manipulating their biomass.

Some shapeshifters are known to change their shape in a matter of seconds while others are known to take up to several hours, although that is dependent upon how skilled they are. A shapeshifter can also assume the form of a Vampire or a Werewolf thus it makes them one of the most elusive beings on Earth.

Young and inexperienced shapeshifters will sometimes retain animalistic traits from the last form they took, be physical or instinctual. However this will usually disappear with age.

Shapeshifters generally do not harm anyone, however, they are quite mischievous and very dangerous when threatened. The only method of detecting a shapeshifter is by one's enhanced scent or if their body temperature is high due to the amount of strain they put on their forms in order to change.

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