Sigyn and Loki

Sigyn along with her husband, Loki.

In Norse mythology, Sigyn is a goddess and is the wife of Loki. While she is rarely mentioned in the old Norse tales, she has been mentioned at least twice in the Poetic Edda.

Her role in the Norse myths is unclear, but, it is clearly obvious that she is Loki's wife and is seen tending to the mischievous god during his imprisonment and torment by the gods themselves due to killing Baldr.

Loki has been bound by the gods with the guts of his son Nari, his son Váli is described as having been turned into a wolf, and the goddess Skaði fastens a venomous snake over Loki's face, from which venom drips into his eyes causing enormous pain.

Sigyn tends to her husband by holding a basin under the dripping venom. When the basin grows full, she pulls it away, during which time venom drops on Loki, causing him to writhe so violently that earthquakes occur that shake the entire earth itself.

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