Spring Heeled Jack

Spring Heeled Jack.

The Spring Heeled Jack was a humanoid cryptid that was said to be active in the Victorian Era and became so famous he is now considered part of English folklore. Sping Heeled Jack is apparently some kind of demon, phantom or other extra-dimensional being and was said to take great delight in acts of mischief, startling people with his frightening appearance and leaping incredible heights.

Sping Heeled Jack was also quite happy to commit several malicious acts, such as grabbing a poor woman in the streets, tearing her clothes off and kissing her on the face before fleeing into the night. He also, it was claimed, leapt into the path of a moving carriage, forcing the coachman to lose control and crash, resulting in serious injury to the victim.

Spring Heeled Jack was also supposedly the aggressor in numerous attacks on others, clawing them. He was said to be especially fond of attacking teenage girls.Yet for all the chaos the cryptid was said to cause in general Spring Heeled Jack was seen as a mischievious being rather than an outright evil character.

The legend of Spring Heeled Jack continues to this day but the actual cryptid has not been seen since the end of the Victorian era - though variants of the tale crop up every now and then in other countries.

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