Tower of Babel

Tower of Babel.

The Tower of Babel was a tower built during the construction of the city of Babel, or which would later become the influential city of Babylon. The purpose of the Tower was for the people constructing Babel to be able to give honor to themselves in order to keep themselves from scattering across the earth, planning for the tower to reach the skies and pierce Heaven itself. Though Noah and his family had been told to spread out, the people had stayed close for several years. Late in Noah's long life, his great grandson Nimrod was a leader in building several cities in the area between the Euphrates and Tigris river.

A united humanity made up of the generations following the Great Flood, who spoke a single language, were migrating from the east and came upon a large plain in the land of Shinar. It was here that they decided to stop migrating and build a city and a great tower as they did not want to be scattered across the face of the Earth.

Previously, God had commanded both Adam and Eve and Noah's family to reproduce and fill the Earth. However, after several generations, humanity attempted to build a single, centralized location. Therefore, God came down to the Earth in order to confusethe  languages and make it difficult to collaborate among themselves. After the disruption in language, humanity separated into individual groups scattering the Earth and setting up separate civilizations leaving the city to be temporarily abandoned.

To this day the tower remains but as a historical and Biblical landmark. It is also believed that the tower houses the first ever known united language which has information on how to enter the realm of Heaven itself, however, it is impossible to be translated by even the most skilled linguist. A demon known as Pruflas is also said to reside within or around the vicinity of the tower like a flame, endlessly scouring the walls of the construct in order to find the proper information on how to raid the gates of Heaven until Judgement Day.