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The Dragon cast out of Heaven.

When God created man, he ordered all the angels to bow down to them. They did so, except one angel, being the infamous Lucifer, whom would later be known as Satan. Since Lucifer is said to be the most majestic of all angelic beings, he was prideful. In all the universe there was not another like him in beauty. When Lucifer refused, his head grew twisted with pride and also thinks that God is flawed himself, and does not deserve to be the rightful ruler of creation, and believes he should be the god of the universe, then take God's throne for himself.

He also managed to persuade one-third of all the other angels to swear allegiance to him and to go to war against God and the Heavenly Host. The first strike is made when Lucifer, in the form of a snake, tempted Eve to take an apple from the forbidden fruit and caused her and her husband Adam to be cast out of Heaven and onto Earth.

Lucifer, known as the Dragon, lead his armies into Heaven to destroy the Heavenly Host whom would dare oppose them and to storm God's throne room. However, the Archangel Michael alongside his own army of Angels, made a counter attack and warred with Lucifer and his army. The war seemed endless, with Heaven being stained by the blood of angels, as the celestial beings fell from the sky with their wings torn, along others whom fell from Heaven after rebelling against their lord. Lucifer fought Michael, and eventually was defeated and cast down to Hell to by God.

Before he did, Lucifer was sent to the Earth when it was brimming with life. His decent to the Earth alongside his one third of angelic army was likened unto those of an endless barrage of falling stars that shifted the Earth's strata. To add insult to injury, God commanded Lucifer to remain on Earth in order for him to watch over His creations as though he was still under His command. This act further enraged Lucifer and out of spite and in defiance, he began his crusade to not watch over the creations but destroy them. Lucifer began to roam across the Earth and utterly decimate it with his influence and this reduce it to nothing but a chaotic and barren wasteland, which is hinted on how the dinosaurs were entirely wiped out.

Lucifer was not the only one as Satan, whom was his general, was too cast down into Hell along with the
Lucifer Returns

Lucifer and Michael meet face to face.

other angels whom rebelled, becoming fallen angels and later be demons. Since Lucifer introduced humanity to sin, Hell became the painful resting place for all those he had corrupted where they would be tortured endlessly forever until the End of Days. Lucifer was caged in the lowest pits of Hell, the furthest from God's light, and from creation itself. The circle of traitors known as Treachery, where it is a vast, frozen barren wasteland. The ice was made from Lucifer's bitter tears and the winds were generated by his beating wings.

Lucifer gained dominion over all of Hell, being its emperor, with Satan as the co-ruler and the King of Hell. Satan also ruled the circle of Wrath. As centuries passed, hierarchies were formed in Hell most notably the Seven Princes among others such as Dukes, Kings, and Earls.

It is said that in another account, that it was Lilith who was corrupted and later being Eve, as she was the first wife of Adam, however she was cast out of the garden of Eden for her sinful ways. In this tale, she was the first to eat of the fruit of knowledge and wanted to be either equal to or greater than Adam. After she left the garden of Eden, she attempted to create her own garden and became the mother of many different demons, and the consort of other powerful demons as well, most notably Samael, Satan, and Lucifer. Although defeated the now renamed Satan and Lucifer did not renounce their ways and, in some versions of the tale, uttered their now famous line "it is better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven".