A pair of wargs.

Wargs are an evil breed of demonic wolves, suggesting that they were inhabited by evil spirits. The origin of the breed is unknown, however, it is revealed that wargs are in fact descendants of the monster wolf Fenrir and his two his sons, Sköll and Hati.

Despite Fenrir's demise at the hands of one of Odin's own sons, his legacy lives on through the use of the wargs. The wargs are as malicious as their ancestor, they are consumed with a desire to devour everything in sight, and anything that is living or breathing to them.

Wargs are incredibly large as well, similar or even double in size to the Dire Wolves themselves. But unlike regular wolves, wargs are distinguishable from the latter for when faced with a war, one can notice piercing red eyes from them along with terrifying facial features which no other wolf can achieve.

Once a warg lays sight on its victim, their senses are forever tuned to the victim and will relentlessly hunt them down even if it means facing nearly insurmountable odds. To ward off a warg, one must bless the lands that they are residing in, and speak prayer to the Norse god of vengeance Vidar, who killed Fenrir. Once that is done, a warg is unable to enter the blessed area in fear of catching Vidar's attention and be slain on sight.

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