Woman Clothed with the Sun

A painting of the Woman.

The Woman of the Apocalypse, or the woman clothed in the sun, is an enigmatic figure that has a major and pivotal role in the Apocalypse. The true identity of the woman is unknown, but it is believed that the Woman can be any ordinary human female that is currently with child. What's more is that it is said that the woman is clothed in the sun, with a crown of twelve stars, and has the moon under her feet.

According to the prophetic scriptures of the apocalypse it is said that this woman gives birth to a son who is to "rule the nations with an iron scepter". Satan, in the form of a red dragon, tries to kill him, but fails to do so. Satan is vanquished from heaven and forced to reside on earth, where he wages war with the rest of the offspring of the woman mentioned above.

The Woman was pursued by the dragon, who appeared with seven heads and ten horns. Its desire is to devour her unborn child in order to prevent its rule over the world. However, the woman was able to evade the Dragon in a forest and subsequently the child was born and He will rule with an iron rod. When the Dragon reached the woman, the child was snatched up by an angel to God.

However, this did not deter Satan and pursued the angel all the way towards the gates of Heaven with his army of fallen angels behind him. Then there was a great battle in Heaven. Michael and his angels fought the Dragon and his fallen angels. The Dragon lost and was thrown down to Earth and all of its angels with it.

Despite the loss, Satan was persistant and pursued the woman once again. As she escapes, the Devil blasts a flood of water from his mouth to drown the Woman. However, the Earth swallowed all the water by creating massive chasms. Seeing that she was far enough, the Woman grew eagle wings and flew away. Enraged, the Devil halts his pursuit of the Woman and decides to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. Then the Dragon stood on the seashore awaiting the arrival of The Beast.